Robyn Mungulu

Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre

Robyn Mungulu predominately paints Wandjina.

Robyn describes the Wandjina as;

‘For us the Wandjinas are our creators. They gave us our part of the country, our language and our laws. So that’s what the Wandjina is for us. Within the North West Kimberley Region there are three main Wandjina’s; Namarali (for the Worrorra tribe which is the coastal group), Wanaliri  (he’s for the Ngarinyin tribe the inland tribe up the Gibb River Road from Derby), then you’ve got Rimijmurra (which is the main Wandjina for the Wunambul Gaambera tribe up at Kalumburu / Mitchell Plateau area). So, three different tribes, three different languages, three different Wandjinas, but one big family.’ 

Robyn does most of her painting at Wijingarri Bard Bard (Fresh Water Cove) she prefers to work in the solitude of this environment. Her paintings are characterised by clean defined brush strokes and a strong sense of symmetry.

Robyn is a senior tour guide at Wijingarri Bard Bard and is highly skilled in sharing cultural knowleadge with visitors to the area.