Rebecca Reid

Diversity Aboriginal Art

Rebecca Reid
A Wiradjuri artist born in Dubbo, NSW and raised in Warren, NSW, out on the
Central West slopes and plains, a truly magical part of this country.
Rebecca now resides in Perth, Western Australia where she and her husband
raise three young children.
Reid’s art journey started at a very young age, following in the footsteps of older
brothers and an uncle who seemed to be able to draw anything.
It wasn’t until the birth of her first born daughter 7 years ago that Rebecca picked
up a paint brush and decided to pursue her passion once again.
A life lived on coastal land an hour outside Perth city, backed by beautiful bush,
Rebecca has enough to fill her inspirational cup and now paints daily turning her
once hobby, something to help pay the bills, into a full time career.
“I love what I do. I love that art and creating these pieces forged from my history
and imagination has a place in the homes of people all around the world. That
this passion of mine allows me to be home with my children, who are 7, 6 and 3
and that freedom to be with them continues to be the driving force behind
everything I create.”
You’ll notice a consistent pattern in Rebecca’s work. Her attention to detail and
her love for Australian native birds are ever present and always a talking point
between those who see it.
Her pieces are bright and vibrant modern contemporary Aboriginal art and she
has sold hundreds to happy customers all over the world with her realistic
representation of this country’s birdlife that will continue to shine through on
every canvas and feather she creates.