Polly Jack

Spinifex Hill Studios

‘[I was] born in the seaside, next to Pardoo, [the] other side. They got a waterhole there. I seen it, my mum take me there. My mum was born next to the sea too. I went to Port Hedland with my mum when I was a young girl. She’s still here, she’s living in Strelley. I got one brother, nyirti one (youngest sibling). His name is Kim Jack. We live together in the same house, staying with my cousin brother son.

When I was a young girl I went to Roebourne, then Strelley after that. We used to go to school in Strelley. I went to Carlindi [Station], worked round there with my mum and dad. We moved around because we didn’t have a home, we worked on different stations. We was doing yandying next to Yandeyarra. My mum used to go yandy, me too. I was little one and my brother was little one, we was all small ones. My grandmother was there. I was going fishing, hunting with my mum. We was going fishing in the river after yandying. We would get some kangaroo meats, make a fire. It was really good.

I only started painting now. In Warralong community they tell me to go to the painting, but I looked after my grandson and granddaughter. I come up here now to paint with these people. Maggie (Green) is my auntie, Bill (William Nyapuru Gardiner, dec.) is my cousin brother – my dad and his mum are brother and sister. Selena (Brown) is my cousin sister. I’m painting my place, my father’s Country. I like relaxing here, having a yarn with these ladies. I’m happy to do all them things, painting. When I finish I feel good.’

Language group: Nyangumarta