Paul Thomas

Spinifex Hill Studios

“I was born in Port Hedland.  May Chapman is my mother. I went to Strelley school and Warralong school.  I stayed at Warralong for a few years and then I went through the law and travelled around to every community, like Jigalong, Punmu and Cotton Creek.  

I came back to Warralong and started work, mustering cattle, mechanic work at Strelley, cleaning up community, fixing fence and all that.  I used to work at the school, Warralong school, for two years, teaching kids.  

I do a little bit of art at Warralong.  I paint different to my family, landscapes and all that, dot painting, and you know the White House (Wapa Maya, at Bloodwood Tree in South Hedland))?  I used to be painting there too. I got two, three paintings in there.”