Patsy Mudgedell

Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)

Patsy is a wildly contemporary artist, redefining what Aboriginal art is and can be. Patsy was born at Ruby Plains Station in WA and grew up in Balgo Hills Mission. Patsy still lives in Balgo with her extended family.

She is the daughter of Mati Mudgedell (deceased) and is from a large painting family of which, her siblings Brian and Marie Mudgedell are successful artists in their own right. Patsy is influenced by her mother’s experimental style. Mati would play with new painting techniques, trying new ways to depict her Kukatja/Ngarti Country. No two Patsy paintings are the same, she is continually evolving and experimenting.

Patsy began her education at the Mission school, she moved to boarding school in Perth to complete her high school education. Patsy later studied Fine Art at the Batchelor Institute, this is where she learned new art techniques and ways of telling stories.

“My art is entering their life through a cooperative process. They can have faith that they are doing the right thing. They share, I share, we share. That’s how things work out properly.”

In 2021 Patsy had her first solo show in Darwin, this year she was invited to showcase her works at the Melbourne Art Fair. Both shows were a sell out. Look out for a third Patsy feature later this year.