Ngamaru Ngamayu Bidu

Spinifex Hill Studios

“I been grow up Wantili area, Wikkari. Whitefella name [is] Midway Wheel. I been born Rolki (Well 37). Bidu area. Bidu is a separated well. It’s my father’s country. Further to Wantili, north from there. It’s on the Canning Stock Route.

I start [to paint] same way (as Gladys Bidu), first time that Gabrielle (from Martumili) came along. Lore time. Same place, Jigalong. She came with bucket and painting and canvas. That’s how we got taught on our own. Sometimes paint in Bunbajina, Warralong, Bungoor, Newman and Hedland, Spinifex. I love painting. ”

-Ngamaru Ngamayu Bidu

Gladys Bidu helped with translation