Mikaela Swan-Castine

Ngwarle Untye Art

My name is Mikaela Mpetyana Swan-Castine. I am 17 years old and live in Mparntwe (Alice Springs NT). I am from the Pertame (Southern Arrernte) and Wombaya (Barkly Tablelands) tribes from my Parents. I come from a line of Aboriginal artists.
My Mia (Mother) and Lyurra (Nana) were artists when they were younger. My Pibi (great grandmother) is the late Janet Ngala Forrester and her brother was water colourist Richard Forrester who both had many collections and exhibitions in Australia and Overseas. My Pibi’s uncle was Peter Tjutjatja Taylor who was also a famous water colourist.
I love painting the way I see the land with all the colours such as the flowers in the desert, the night sky, the rivers, our desert landscapes and the water holes. My work is made to order.

please contact me on my socials if you are interested in my arts and crafts.
Facebook: Art By Mikaela Castine
Instagram: @artbymikaelacastine