Mauretta Drage

Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest)

Mauretta Drage grew up on Yamatji Country in Northampton and Wandalgu. She is a proud Nhanda/Wadjarri woman developing her own multi media art practise, celebrating family stories and cultural heritage.  Mauretta also works in collaboration with her mother Colleen and son Kane Clifton on innovative public art installations to promote positive cultural visibility in the local landscapes.

Her 2022 prints are drawn from experience on Country after cyclone Seroja, where she found resilience and resurgence in the landscape. From these workshops in 2022, Mauretta has produced five design editions in the Revealed Exhibition. there are many others not editioned yet, and a small number made available just for Revealed market, both in colour and black and white.

Mauretta is exploring ideas and ideas all the time, remotely and in our midst. When she comes home to work we have intense creative times in studio. With our studios closed for 12 months due to cyclone Seroja April 2021, it has been almost subversive getting in under scaffolding to get works carved, proofed and then travelling to alternative presses to achieve results.

Mauretta is a youth supervisor and art teacher at Ku’alru Mangga (Good Nest) in Northampton). Drage teaches wood burning and painting in the Ku’arlu Mangga youth program and assists the cultural camps on the Murchison River near Kalbarri. Drage has been developing her arts practice since after school years working with Olive Boddington at  Wandalgu Arts and with Ku’arlu Mangga since 2010. She works in a wide range of media including public art installations in metal and stone, commissioned for Kalbarri Skywalk.

Mauretta’s 2018-2021 print works are inspired by time along the Murchison river near Kalbarri, listening to family stories and rediscovering bush foods on country.

Mauretta is a founding member of Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest) Aboriginal Art Centre located at Northampton Old School Community Initiative Inc