Margaret Albert

Mangkaja Arts

Hi my name is Margaret Albert, I was born on the 05/06/1991 my skin name is Nangala.

I am a Baniol Bard Nyul Nyul and Bunaba lady I grew up in Broome but spent  alot of time at outstations such as Yeeda station and in Derby. I now live at Jimbalakudunj Community in the Kimberley of Western Australia with my 3 sons and partner Navarone Nargoodah. I am daughter-in-law to master bush dyer and Famous artist named Eva Nargoodah.

I am an Artist andI learnt block print and screen printing from Jonian Ivy Nargoodah, she is my sister-in-law. I enjoy keeping busy and gaining experience, working in my personal art ‘space’ of peace and calm always looking to expand my practice. I recently starting doing Acrylic paint and drawing into enamel on metal and now working on perspex with Acrylic. I also like to make bush dyed scarves and seed and bead jewellery. When i go fishing or for a walk, I collect barks and seeds from the local landscape to make beautiful artworks.

I am  currently employed at Mangkaja as an Arts worker and administration assistant.

In 2017 I have been studying cert IV in Aboriginal Health worker and Dialysis Im hoping to complete my studies some time in 2020 so I can complete and in the near future I will be able to find work in that area.

In 2007 I was part of Kimberley Girl i came 1st runner up I have gained a lot of confidence and skills from being apart of the programs I was also chosen to go to America to Los Angeles to represent indigenous girls from across WA but also all over Australia by attending The G’DAY USA Gala event by being a trophy girl for Philip Noyce and Kylie Minogue from my experience I now try to encourage a lot of young indigenous girls to participate in such events.

i am currently in the work industry with Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency and find it very welcoming and I love being part of the art centre not only as an employee but get to show my artworks off and sell them but I’m also a very busy mum at home with my two twin boys to look after.

The art and crafts has always been apart of my young life in school or at home with my fellow elders always would have pencils or paint to draw or make stuff I really love doing it and I hope I can do more paintings or tins in the near future.