Lynette Smith

Papulankutja Artists

Lynette was born in the bush near Warburton, WA where her family eventually settled and she went to school. She remembers sheep grazing in Warburton. When she was around 12 she was sent to high school at Esperance, WA where she completed year 10 (fourth form). After leaving high school she worked as domestic help on farms and stations around Esperance cleaning, cooking, washing and minding the children. Every Friday afternoon she would head back into Esperance and stay at the hostel.

Aged 19 she returned to Warburton to live with her family. The family moved to Blackstone living in a camp where the oval is now located as there was a windmill and a water tank there. She said there used to be a caravan for the clinic and one for the store, before the houses where built.

A year later when she was 20, they moved back to Warburton and Lynette got married. Her partner passed away a long time ago. They had two sons, Nathan and Karl (Smith). When Lynette is not looking after her grandchildren she paints. Lynette enjoys painting here and at Warburton.