Lena Alone

Spinifex Hill Studios

I was born Lena Gordon. My language is Kariyarra. My Granfather’s Country is Yandeyarra and my Grandmother’s Country is Balgo side.

I was born at Munda Station with my Mother, Father, and older sister. We moved to Port Hedland when I was a little girl and this is where my little brother was born. We lived at the Two Mile Community, where BHP is now. We went to school in the wool shed there. My Mum passed away when I was a young one, so us kids then moved to 12 Mile Community with our Dad. When school finished, I spent lots of time in 12 Mile with my family. I got married a few times and had three kids – Karen, Raelene and William. Then I got married to Adrien (Alone), but he passed away a couple of years ago. I miss him a lot and I live alone now. Spending time with my children helps, they look after me and come to visit me regularly, but mostly I’m very independent.

I started painting with Spinifex less than a year ago (2020) when I went to Indee Station with my daughter Raelene. I really like painting now. I like doing a different style and a different sorta painting from other people. I wanna do things my own way and be unique. I don’t wanna be the same as other people and I think my painting reflects this.