Kelly-Anne Drill Ngadjil

Kira Kiro Artists and Waringarri Arts

I was born in the Derby Hospital and I grew up and did my schooling at Frog Hollwow Communty. Then my family moved to Chinaman Garden at Hall’s Creek. After that we shifted to Purnululu and I went to the school there. We used to go after school with our grandparents walking through the Bungle Bungle areas and learning the stories from them. They took us from place to place teaching us about the country. I did a bit more schooling at Kununurra before going to Perth for five years of secondary schooling. I graduated in 2005 and got a job as a receptionist. Then I had my baby boy. I started painting in 2009 because my family asked me to bring the family painting line up again. We have had too much alcohol in the family and we were forgetting to paint the stories.