Jeanie Daniels

Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)

Jeanie’s Grandfather was born in the bush under a gum tree in the country south of Yagga Yagga in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. He walked with his daughter Sarah Daniels, a well known painter for Warlayirti and Jeanie’s mother, to Yuendumu and much later passed his dog dreaming story onto Jeanie.

As well as painting this dog dreaming story, Jeanie also paints stories about growing up on her grandmothers country; Mina Mina, east of Yagga Yagga in the Tanami desert.

“Our family used to make shoes in the olden times. We would make the fire put sticks in the coals to make strings for the shoes. Then we would spread out and travel to places like Lajamanu, Yuendamu Nyrripi, eating marlu (Kangaroo) and bushtucker along the way. This happened when I was a little baby.”