Jan Griffiths Gunjaka

Kira Kiro Artists and Waringarri Arts

I was born in Kununurra and I went to school in Broome.  I first began work as a trainee broadcaster and journalist in 1990 with a few months at the Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre. I’ve worked at the Wyndham Super Market and Tuckerbox store in Kununurra for many years.  I started painting around 2015 to carry on the stories of my parents, Peggy and Alan Griffiths – ’ the cultural stories that were handed down to them and now to me.  Both my parents are famous artists in the Kimberley but most importantly, they are my traditional teachers.  I too can keep our tradition alive and hand the stories of our ancestors and how our country came to be, down to the next generation and generations to come.  I do this with great pride and honour.  I am a multi-media artist and my arts practice includes paintings, poetry,  ceramics and a bit of fashion.