Helen Nagomara

Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)

Helen Nagomara¬†was born at Old Balgo Mission in 1953. Helen was the 3rd child and second daughter of Milliga Napaltjarri and Albert Nagomarra Senior. Miliga was from Kulkurta in WA near Tjukulla and her father was from Yagga Yagga way. Helen’s father met her Mother down south and came to Balgo and settled at the mission. Her father used to work around Wirrimanu helping to build the new Balgo.

Helen stayed at Balgo mission school until 1968 with Emelda, gracie, tossie, jane, joan. Mission days were put in dormitory and permission sought from priest Father John McGuire to go and see their parents for the day and come back again to the dormitory. She was taught by Nuns and would spend summers camping at the lake and the rockhole near kunuwarra.

Helen has been painting at Warlayirti Artists around 2000. She paints bush tucker around her mothers country. She sees it sometimes on ICTV but has never been there in real life. It was far away past Kintore and Kiwirrkurra. She would love to visit her country one day.