Geraldine Bedford

Warmun Art Centre

Geraldine Bedford was born in Wyndham in 1971. Geraldine’s father was Joe Lisadell – a stockman and also the little brother of Lena Nyadbi, one of Warmun Art Centre’s greatest artists. Geradline’s mother is Mary-Lou Bedford and her parents met at Bedford Downs Stations where they were working as a stockman and station maid. Paddy Bedford, another great Gija artist is Geraldine’s maternal Grand-uncle.

“My Dad left my mother at Bedford Downs and came back this way to Lisadell Station to live with his two sisters Lena and Goody. The three siblings grew up together and Lena used to look after my dad on Lisadell / Thilduwan.

Back in the 70s, in 1971 they took me to Mount House Station, and I grew up with other parents – my stepfather. I grew up in Mount House Station, Gibb River and Mount Barnett and I then I kept moving between the West Kimberley and East Kimberley.”

I stayed with the Echo family in Warmun before getting my own place in bottom camp – in Lena’s old house around 2017. That was the year she went to Halls Creek to live in Frail Aged Care.

Geraldine has four children – Myrelle, Craig, Bellena and Lexi-Jane and seven grandchildren. Lena and Goody would tell Geraldine the stories from their country – and it has now influenced Geraldine’s decision to paint more seriously and take up the practice where her retired and deceased aunties left off.

“Somebody have to keep on carrying my painting” Lena told me.