Francis Dolby

Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre

Francis was born in Derby the sixth child of a family of seven.

His father is originally from Broome (a Yawuru man) and his mother is a Minirr.ngari woman of the Ngarinyin tribe.

Francis went to school at Derby District High School for a while where he learnt how to sketch.

Then the family had to move to Broome to his father’s country, and he went to do his secondary schooling at Nulungu College until he graduated.

He went and lived in Bayulu community for a while where he learnt how to screen print.

Francis came back to Mowanjum and began painting Ngarinyin country and stories from his mothers side.

He is also a very talented boab carver and won the overall winner in the Kimberley Art Prize held in Derby in the Boab nut carving section.  “I mainly watched the old people carve and wanted to be like them, a carver.”