Evelyn Malgil

Warmun Art Centre

Evelyn Malgil was born in Derby, WA. At ten years old she moved to Warmun. Evelyn went to high school in the town of her birth and then returned to Warmun.

Evelyn worked on Bedford Downs cattle station with her husband Norman Echo. Evelyn cooked, while Norman was the head stockman. Bedford Downs Station is located southwest of Warmun Community. It is Norman’s traditional country.

Following her return, Evelyn has remained in Warmun were she now lives with her five children and her family.

Evelyn is the senior traditional owner for a site south-east of Warmun called Winniper Springs. Evelyn depicts this site time and again, mining the beauty and history of the area to create stunning works.

Evelyn is one of few Warmun artists who uses acrylic paints, combining these bright colours with the more subdued palette of the natural ochres. These idiosyncratic palettes make Evelyn’s brilliant work stand out among a host of incredible artists.