Emily Sandy

Yinjaa Barni Artists

Emily Sandy was born in the Wickham Hospital in 1985, the eldest child of Ricky Sandy and award-winning artist, Wendy Darby. She has a sister, Madeline, and brother Ethan. Emily has four children with her partner Charleston Wally – Coral-Lee, Bianca, Penesha and Jacob. She has lived in Roebourne for most of her life, with a bit of travel in between, often visiting her mother’s country at Yandearra, south of Port Hedland. Emily speaks three languages, Yindjibarndi, from her father’s side, Nyangumarta, from her mother’s side, and English. She says, “I follow my Dad’s side, Yindjibarndi, but I respect both sides. Here in Roebourne we are living in Ngarluma country – our Yindjibarndi country is further inland around the Millstream tablelands. We get out to our country when we can, especially in summer because the rivers are still flowing and cool.” Emily says, “I find painting relaxing and a good way to express myself. I don’t plan my paintings, I just get a canvas and start. At the moment my favorite thing to paint is Sturt’s Desert Pea.” Emily started painting at Yinjaa-Barni Art in 2006 and has a refreshing, eye-catching style and a natural eye for design. Emily enjoys using colours. Her paintings capture this enjoyment and every new painting exhibits new varieties and contrasts of colours. At the moment she doesn’t restrict herself to a particular style or subject, but enjoys experimenting.