Elizabeth Gordon

Warlayirti Artists (Balgo)

Elizabeth Gordon is a dedicated and tireless painter, she comes from a respected painting family: her mother is Ningie Nanala and her stepfather is Tjumpo Tjapanangka (c.1929-2007). Elizabeth appears to have developed some of her repertoire of stylistic sensibilities, for example her interest in fields of contrasting textural qualities, from painting with her mother.  Her Stepfather and his friend, artist Dominic Martin (dec) were also active in teaching Elizabeth about their country and giving her permission to paint some of their sites. Elizabeth was the first Warlayirti Artist to have her own solo exhibition.

Elizabeth was born at the old Balgo Mission and attended school there and recalls moving to the current location of Balgo on the back of a truck. As a young woman Elizabeth cared for the old people at the new Mission alongside the senior law woman Tjemma Napanangka (c.1930-2016). She has a large family, which includes three sons, two daughters and two grandsons.