Eileen Tinker

Spinifex Hill Studios

“I was born in Hedland. My birthday is on the 21st May, 1966. I grew up with my mum, Daisy Tinker. My dad was Murray Tom, he passed away a long time ago. I had two brothers and three sisters; Phillip Tinker, Nora Tinker, myself, Judy Tinker, Rena Tinker and Kenny Tinker. He passed away too.

I moved around a bit then. I stayed in Yandeyarra Station for a long time. I used to work there- I’d do the biggest clean up! I used to go to school there too, then when I finished I was staying there with my husband Daryl. We had three daughters; Amanda, Darolyn and Sarah. That’s my three girls.

I moved back to Hedland then. I stay with my cousin Narlene here. We play cards and paint together. I started painting a long time ago with my families. It’s good here- nice and quiet. I’m proud of my paintings.”