Dorothy Forrest

Mangkaja Arts

“My name is Dorothy Forrest I live in Kunangi Community. I was born in Derby hospital in 1961.I grew up in Jubilee Down Station where my mum and dad used to work. I am 59 years old. Now that I am an artist. My dad Alec told me stories about his country side Kuninarra. My dad was a Walmajarri elder. The man who walk the country mile from Canning Stock Route. Now that some of this art that I’m painting when I flew over from Sydney to Broome with Qantas, I saw the country down below. I saw the two lakes so I decided to paint the pictures he was telling me about.” Dorothy started painting with Mangkaja Arts a few years ago. In that time she has worked hard at developing her visual language and finding confidence with contemporary painting mediums such as perspex and grafitti pens. Dorothy understands the power of colour to express emotional joy. She uses it purposefully to describe her fond memories of growing up with her grandma taking her hunting around the river and billabongs. “We would go hunting, gathering and fishing with my Grandma. She taught us about the billabong country. Now I see the birds, trees, rocks and plants then I come to Mangkaja and paint about it. It makes me happy to think about those good times”


My painting is about my country and food (bush tucker) that my grandma, mum and dad taught me. Catching turtles, trees from my country. Two rivers at Nudawarra where they go hunting.