Delany Griffiths

Waringarri Arts

Delany began painting in 2008 and has proven herself to be a highly skilled artist. Delany has been taught and mentored by her grandmother, senior artist Peggy Griffiths and late grandfather Mr. Griffiths. Mr. Griffiths was a senior artist at Waringarri Arts as well as a respected law and culture man for both his traditional Country near Timber Creek and for Miriwoong culture in Kununurra. Peggy has an arts career spanning over 30 years throughout which she has been exhibited widely.  Delany’s art practice involves ochre painting, ceramics and textiles. In recent years Delany has developed a successful career in textile printing.

“I was born in Broome. Most of my life I lived in Kununurra & Wyndham. I am the second eldest grand-daughter of Peggy Griffiths. I like making textiles, prints and painting. I like to spend time with my family and I will keep painting and learning the stories from my grandmother.”