Dawn Sandy

Yinjaa Barni Artists

Dawn Sandy was born in Roebourne in 1976 and is the daughter of Yindjibarndi artist, Celia Sandy. Dawn started painting at the end of 2006. With her six children now either grown-up or at school, she has been able to find the time to join the Yinjaa-Barni Art group and paint with her family and friends and participate in a TAFE short course in painting and design. Dawn is a confident artist whose ideas flow freely and easily on to the canvas. She is naturally gifted in design and has a sure sense of colour. The inspiration for her paintings comes from spending time in her country at different times of the year: the rocks, with the rich colours that pass over their surfaces at varying times of the day; the river and bush flowers. She mostly paints from an aerial perspective and has developed a number of styles to depict her various subjects. Dawn enjoys coming into the centre to paint with her family and friends.