Charlene Carrington

Warmun Art Centre

Charlene Carrington was born in Perth but has lived most of her life in Warmun Community. At high school she was inspired to start painting by Hector Jandany, her grandfather, and Queenie McKenzie who came to Warmun School to teach the children Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) stories and traditional painting methods. Charlene comes from a family of artists. Her parents, Churchill Cann and Sadie Carrington, are both established artists.

Her grandfathers are Hector Jandany and Beerbee Mungnari, who are also established Warmun artists. Her grandmother, Betty Carrington, is an established artist and the partner of renowned Warmun painter Patrick Mung Mung.

When she was young Charlene sat with the old people, in particular Hector Jandany and Jack Britten, watching them paint and learning the traditional methods. She is one of very few Warmun artists who still uses galyuwin (bloodwood sap) as a natural binder and varnish.This was the method used by Rover Thomas, Jack Britten and Hector Jandany, before acrylic binders were made available.

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