Annette Lormada

Mangkaja Arts

Hi my name is Annette Lormada. My bush name is Bingarli.  I was born in Fitzroy Crossing Hospital 19/1/1963 and speak two languages Walmajarri and Nyikina.  I grew up in Fitzroy and started going to Fitzroy Crossing primary school then high School.  After finishing school, I worked as a shop keeper at the UAM mission store living in Junjuwa then I moved to Nookanbah where I worked at the shop in 1990 and and a home maker.  My Mum and Dad told me stories about the two dogs, that’s why l paint my dreaming. Now I’m on Dialysis but l still know my stories that’s why l paint’.

Annette Lormada only started coming to Mangkaja Studio a few years back, deciding to try painting after watching the senior artists.  In that short time, she has encapsulated a legacy, pushing colour and imagery in a unique and dynamic way to tell stories about her fond memories of growing up by the Fitzroy River. Annette’s repertoire of whimsical fishy creatures describes the creation stories she learnt as a child and the food they caught and still do that are so good to eat. Her painting momentum and confidence continues to grow and her distinct style gaining recognition having been selected as a finalist in 2020 Telstra NATSIAA and Port Headland Jury prize. Her work was also shown at Creative Growth in Oakland C.A. 2019.


Dreaming stories

Two Dingoes story

Martuwarra (river)