Amy Palmer

Mangkaja Arts

Amy Palmer resides at Wangkajungka Community where she lives with her husband. Amy paints stories about her Mother and Uncle’s country Nyaru out near Kiwirrkurra and Lake Mackay on the Pintubi side. Her mother was esteemed Warlayirti artist the late E. Nyumi. Amy has been developing her own painting style to tell stories about women hunting and gathering bush foods as they travel over this country during the different seasons and recently begun to paint her mother’s stories which have been past on to her. Mapping the terrain with colours to describe the plants, flowers, sand hills and waterholes.

“My name is Amy Palmer and I am an artist at Mangkaja. I like painting because I was looking at my uncle and my mother painting when I was young and I got that skill and I’m still painting today. Like how they did painting when they came out of the desert and they had the skill to look back to their country when they were walking. Just like me when I look back to my Uncle and my mother and when I visit their country. I look back also and paint their spirit and traveling. You can see it, that we are walking in the desert. I am thankful for my uncle and my mother for painting and what they went through they became famous their paintings and they went to galleries and overseas, everywhere. I want to be like them, for my paintings to go to other places and galleries and I want to pass it on to my kids and grand kids to get painting.”

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