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Visual Poetry of Artist - Cora Peltherre Lynch

At Ngwarle Untye Art, we want to help connect you with inspiring art. A collection of both Traditional Aboriginal Art works;  Contemporary and Abstract Artworks.

Traditional Aboriginal Fine Art:

Traditional dreamtime, cultural songlines and stories belonging to my family that have been passed down through generation to generation. Thousands of years of history.

Contemporary Art:

Urban and new age, creativity inspired by life's personal journey. Handcrafted jewellery design for those who dare to be unique.

Abstract Art:

Bold and unique, interpreted by your own imagination.



Cora's traditional birth name given

to her by her grandfather, and it means

"Corkwood honey, nectar from the bud of flowers

which grow on the corkwood tree."

Cora is the daughter of well-known artist Norbett Kngwarreye Lynch (dec) and granddaughter of the famous artist Wenten Rubunja (dec). A proud Arrernte and Yankunytjatjara woman from Alice Springs, Central Australia, Cora is now based in Perth, Western Australia.

Her iconic Traditional works depict how Aboriginal people connected and still connect to their lands and country spiritually, emotionally and physically, and is inspired by Dream-time stories, the lore, her culture and her people. Privileged to have these stories handed down to her from her elders, she is proud to continue her family's legacy; THE CORKWOOD DREAMING COLLECTION - NGWARLE UNTYE. She also has a love for Contemporary and Abstract designs, as well as unique and innovative crafts and jewellery.

Cora emerged as an artist at the 2019 annual WA Revealed exhibition, hosted at the historical Fremantle Art Centre, with her record-breaking emerging artist exhibition. She has also attended the Blak Markets that coincide with the annual National Indigenous Art Fair in Sydney. Perths iconic BUNURU Festival and others such as The Cockburn annual springs festival.    Cora has sold her artworks both locally and internationally with collectors from Japan, and Europe.  She has a passion for art and culture.  


My Name is Cora Peltherre Lynch.  I am a proud Arrernte woman from Blacktank Community ANARPIPE Country in Central Australia and a Anangu Yankunytjatjara woman from the APY lands in South Australia.  I am a passionate artist and story teller.   The songlines and dreaming’s depicted in my Traditional art is traditional cultural knowledge,  thousands of years strong.  I am proud and privileged to have had the knowledge passed on to me from father and grandfather.   I am passionate to share my culture through visual arts an keeping my culture strong for future generations to come.   Thank you kindly for visiting my gallery and I hope you will enjoy my art and culture as much as I do.  Much respect!   Mwerre Unthurre!

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